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Regenerated Organization Of Implore

We are a volunteer Organization .Our focus area is Community Care. Training and Development.

ROI is managed by team of dedicated and highly learned People/Social Activist as a member in the Executive committee, more than 1504 volunteers at the grass roots level further strengthen the hand. ROI was conceived based on the needs of the community and the concept of affordable and cost sharing sustainability. Community involvement and their participation in implementation of the programs, is an important component of all our development efforts. Focal points of all our development activities are women and children particularly to those who are belonging to socio-economically weaker sections.

With the number of activities as well as intervention villages and pockets have been increasing under the ROI's area of operation. But ROI considers its work incomplete, as long as injustice, disparity, abject poverty and Ignorance prevails. In one decade of work, while other commend and applaud ROI for its work in the area of different activities through community ownership but it seems that the work has just begun and we have a long way to go... We are looking forward to work with like minded people,agencies and organization.

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