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Chairman Message

We are thankful and humbled to express our joy to inform you about His faithfulness on this occasion of Regenerated Organization of Implore completing 25 years of journey.

We give all glory to God for His love and care given to us all these years from a small start-up to be faithful. ROI-INDIA has grown and God has expanded our boundaries to seventeen states in India and Abroad.

Today, we are not only doing the social work but our standard of doing social work has increased to such a level where from different states, reputed college girls and boys are coming to do their internship with us.

On behalf of the entire ROI INDIA I am pleased to introduce you to ROI INTERNATIONAL and to offer my vision for the future of the Training. ROI was founded in response to the personal intervention of God almighty. In the early 1994, the Organization served as the original Servant leadership training for believers and lay leaders , specially among the destitute and needy for the sustainable development of the community and to wipe away their tears with hope in Christ Jesus. Few years later was established as a Religious and Charitable organization .Registered under trust act 1860 in Bihar, India. The Foucs areas are Training, Development and Community Care. ROI - INDIA is serving in seventeen States in India. Equipping Leaders.

Today, ROI INTERNATIONAL Training offers three Program (Leadership Training, Management Training, Entrepreneur Training) ROI Trainings has prepared thousands of leaders in fields in India.

ROI continues to respond to the ever-changing needs of a complex society. As the Founder, Chairman I have taken on a twofold responsibility: to uphold our foundations and mission and to ensure our ongoing relevance in shaping our world. ROI's mission is critical for the challenges we face today, and we will work together to express that mission and make sure it remains alive and relevant. We need to keep changing lives. We need to ensure that this generation, and many to come, are ready and able to take on the problems that confront us at home and across our world.
To that end, I intend to leverage ROI INTERNATIONAL institutional networks to develop an expanded portfolio of leaders and to continue to innovate in our study programs, as seen in our training program.

We will work to provide ever clearer pathways to the leaders who participate in our trainings. We want our training participants to find homes in change-making organizations/ Churches across the world, so we must ensure that we combine our Kingdom agenda core with the hard skills needed for lead the human race in the fear of God and be a better stewards of all His faithfulness.

Vision which God put in my heart is to build ROI INTERNATIONAL as a global network of faculty and students, a network that seeks to understand complex problems in our society in this ever changing world with the Never Changing God as the perfect solution and through that knowledge of God in the present world and experiencing Him in every day will develop the tools for each one as needed to act for change locally and globally. At a time when it feels like parts of our world are closing down, when it looks like time is running out. ROI will continue to open up-as an organization, but more importantly as a community to have the last battle for the final harvest. I invite you to join us as a prospective student, partner, or friend.

I take this opportunity to thank all our well-wishers and support partners who prayed, shared resources and partnered with ROI all these years. I take this time to acknowledge all the staff, past and present and all those wh were in our executive board and advisory board, our Directors of all fiv regions and the Operation Managers, Coordinators and each state Chie Functionaries, ADO, FO and PMs for their contribution in the life ar ministry of Regenerated Organization of Implore.

Soliciting your Prayers and Wishes.

Raji James

Chairman - ROI