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Income Generation Training


  • Empowerment and development of women through SHG, federation with other groups, micro credit and micro enterprises programmes and process
  • Empowerment and development of Dalits through appropriate forums, federations, movements, and economic programmes.
  • Influencing policy and decision making processes at the micro and macro level in order to foster increased local governance and development processes.
  • Creation and building of capacities for the marginalized women, children, disabled persons, youth, Dalits, poor and other disadvantaged sections through various sorts of skills training, entrepreneurship training, and other orientations and workshops.


  • To educate the rural children, women and youth through suitable educational programmes.
  • To improve the under-developed and under-privileged rural communities through integrated socio-economic, education, health and community development activities.
  • To extend relief and rehabilitation measures to the affected people due to natural and man-made calamities and disasters.
  • To provide sustainable rehabilitation programmes for child labourers, disabled persons and distressed women.
  • To impart awareness and functional education to the weaker and dalit sections regarding health and hygiene, water and sanitation, legal rights, livelihood improvements, etc.
  • To provide skill training and technical knowledge for sustainable income generation programmes and management of locally available resources.