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Aparajita Counselling

Aparajita Counselling is unique approach of working out to fix the problems that we face in different faces of life.

Some of you made the mistake of buying your children toys for Christmas that had the ominous words on the box, "Some assembly required." Of those who did that, a small percentage, probably about one percent, read through the directions completely as instructed before you began to assemble the toy. The rest of you thought, "I can figure this out," and plunged in. But not many of you got the thing assembled without having to dig out the instruction manual!

This is exactly what happen when we crash land into situations which we can not handle, we need help, we need someone, some way to get out of that situations. That's the place we come in. Our centre deals with.

  • Youth Counselling
  • Couple Counselling
  • Career Counselling
  • Pre Marital Counselling.
  • Family Counselling